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My name is Tina Wapner and I reside in Florida.

Many years ago I had a friend who was rushed to the hospital. While in the emergency room and unable to tell the paramedics or nurses she was a diabetic, she slipped into a coma and remained in that state until her death. Perhaps, if some form of identification had been available my friend would still be alive.

As diabetes continues to increase significantly in the United States, I believe we must find a practical way for emergency personnel to be informed in the event a diabetic patient is unable to offer this critical information. That is why I decided to develop a simple solution: a Diabetic Alert program, which provides adhesive stickers that identify an individual as a diabetic. The sticker is easy to use; it reads “DIABETIC” and can be applied to just about any accessible identification item: driver’s license, wallet cards, etc.

We plan to make stickers available to as many diabetics as possible.  Distribution is through Diabetic Solutions DBA The Diabetic Plan, suppliers of products for diabetics. During the next few weeks, The Diabetic Plan will start mailing stickers to the consumer with a letter and instructions, at no charge to the consumer.

One of our goals is to share this Diabetic Alert program with as many emergency response personnel: paramedics, police, fire fighters, nurses, and other medical personnel.

Your help and support in extending the awareness of this program within your own organization is greatly appreciated.

Diabetics will now have another voice speaking for them when they are unable to communicate during an emergency. Diabetic Alert just may help save lives. 

Thank you for your help and support.