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The Diabetic Savings Plan is an industry leader in providing individuals, families and groups with affordable diabetic supplies. Discover the many advantages of The Diabetic Savings Plan and see how we keep thousands of satisfied customers happy. The Diabetic Savings Plan Helps Diabetics Live Better Lives.

The Diabetic Savings Plan was created to help and assist diabetics without health insurance. We realize how high the cost of diabetic supplies can be on an ongoing basis. There is no reason to keep paying high costs for your supplies.

GlucoLab Glucose Meter is our most popular meter. Simple and easy-to-use, this meter carries a great deal of features.
Innovative biosensor technology & design
Large LCD screen
1§i Whole blood sample
Easy operation in 2 steps
Fast accurate results in 5 seconds
Memory recall of latest 250 test results
3 Button Manipulation
Long Shelf lifetime for biosensor test strip
Batch code & Control solution
PC Data Management through data port